Electrical engineering

basics in pump technology


  • Dangers of electrical current: Safety measures
  • Basics electric circuit: Voltage, current & power, direct current (DC), alternating current (AC), three-phase current
  • Cables & Circuit breaker
  • Electric motors to drive vacuum pumps and compressors: AC motor, three phase motor, nameplate, efficiency classes (IE3)
  • Frequency converter drives for vacuum pumps and compressors


Target Group
  • Ideally suited for technicians, sales staff and users of vacuum technology


Prior knowledge
  • Not required!


  • 2-day intensive training course: Fundamental basic knowledge of electrical engineering with strong reference to pump technology
  • This seminar provides theoretical content from the field of electrical engineering but does not qualify the participants as electricians!
Key data
  • This seminar is designed for 4 to 12 people and can be booked in English or German.
  • Appointments are made by arrangement.


Your benefits at a glance
  • Acquire basic knowledge of electrical engineering
  • Learn and understand the design, function and use of different drives for vacuum pumps and compressors