Vacuum basics

and Pump principles


  • Physical basics: Definition pressure & volume flow
  • Basics air supply system: Supplier and air consumer curves and determining operating points, Pipe pressure losses, Pump down time, Vacuum pumps & compressors at high altitudes
  • Vacuumpumps & compressors - different pump principles: Rotary vane pumps & gas ballast, Side channel blowers & radial blowers, Screw pumps & claw pumps, Roots-Booster-Pump stands, Pumps with frequency converter


Target group
  • Ideally suited for technicians, sales staff and users of vacuum technology


Prior knowledge
  • Not required!


  • 1-day compact training: Basic knowledge, Good overview also for non-technicians
  • 2-day intensive training course: Especially suited for technicians
  • Optional: + Software training characteristic curve tool BECKER Choice (2.5 days)
Key data
  • This seminar is designed for 4 to 12 people and can be booked in English or German.
  • Appointments are made by arrangement.


Your benefits at a glance
  • Acquire basic knowledge of vacuum


  • Get to know and understand the operating principles of BECKER vacuum pumps and compressors
  • Get to know the BECKER product Portfolio