With customer-specific solutions and a wide range of services, BECKER increases the efficiency of plants, ensures high availability and reduces maintenance costs. Benefit from a professional inspection of your equipment and installations by BECKER service technicians. Technical advice and on-site inspections reduce the risk of unexpected production downtime. This saves time and money.

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We would be pleased to assist you in the commissionings of individual devices, air supply cabinets and central systems from BECKER.

In-house Service

Your BECKER product needs help? BECKER helps with a suitable service package regarding maintenance or repair and makes your pump fit again.

On-site Service

In the event of an equipment failure, the BECKER service will help promptly and on site to ensure your production.

Mobile Service

Decide in favour of BECKER's Mobile Service for the maintenance of your pumps and systems! You can continue to focus on your core business and at the same time ensure that your plant retains its value for a long time!


BECKER brings older systems up to the latest technical standard, because a new control system or a frequency converter saves energy costs.


In order to maintain your production in the event of a device failure, BECKER helps with a loaner device.


You want to maintain your BECKER pumps by yourself? BECKER product training courses provide the necessary knowledge.


Here you can find the comprehensive documentation for your BECKER product.



Discover the extensive BECKER training offer on products, software and also individual training courses.

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The software makes it possible to exchange data between a computer running a Windows operating system and frequency converters approved by Becker. The communication between the computer and a frequency converter must be performed using a suitable interface converter. Feel free to send your inquiry using the inquiry form at the bottom of this page.


Once you have started the KombiTool and a data link to the connected frequency converter has been established, the user can perform the following functions.

Becker VARIAIR KombiTool 8.0


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  • Entire parameter sets can be exported from a connected frequency converter and saved as a file.
  • Entire parameter sets can be imported from a saved file (e.g. from a hard drive or USB stick) and then transferred to a connected frequency converter for storage.
  • The time between USS telegrams is shown.
  • The USS address is displayed.
  • The baud rate is displayed.
  • With the help of the diagnosis function, various parameters (e.g. setpoints and actual values) can be read out simultaneously from a connected frequency converter.
  • Selected parameters are displayed as number values and optionally as a graphic.
  • Diagnosis graphics are displayed in windows.
  • The current graphical window can be saved as a bitmap (*.bmp) file.
  • The queried values can be recorded using a recorder function.

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