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BECKER's Qualtiy policy is based on a zero defect strategy and the realisation that the sum of system, process and product quality makes us a top performer.

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As employees at BECKER, we are part of a large team committed to meeting our customers' expectations. We strive to deliver excellence in our areas of work, delight our customers and continuously improve our processes to ensure we always meet the highest quality standards.


We strictly adhere to all specifications and procedures to ensure that we achieve our goals and provide the highest quality products and services to our customers. Our zero defect strategy means that we do not accept any compromise in the quality of our products and services and continuously work to improve our processes to ensure that our customers are always satisfied.


As members of the BECKER team, we pride ourselves on providing excellent products and services to our customers and constantly improving to ensure that we always meet the highest quality standards.


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For BECKER, environmental protection means acting actively together to preserve a world worth living in for future generations.

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We strive to reduce harmful influences, especially with regard to water and air, to a minimum or to eliminate them completely. This goal not only applies to our own company, but we also encourage our customers and suppliers to do the same for the environment. Our employees, too, are made aware of this issue beyond their working sensitised to this issue beyond their work context.


We already attach great importance to energy efficiency in the procurement of products and services. At our production sites, BECKER relies exclusively on 100% green electricity. As a matter of principle, we are continuously working on reducing water consumption, improving energy efficiency and acting in the spirit of the circular economy. In doing so, we take into account all aspects, starting from plants and sites to facilities, systems and energy-consuming processes. Our efforts are focused on complying with applicable legal requirements and meeting our commitments. To this end, we provide the necessary resources and information.


BECKER is committed to continuously improving our energy and environmental management systems in order to optimise our environmental performance. We achieve this through regular self-audits, consideration of stakeholder feedback and external audits. We also actively address the challenges of climate change and take appropriate mitigation and adaptation measures. As a company, we have a responsibility to make a positive contribution to environmental protection and will do our best to fulfil this commitment.


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At BECKER we pursue beyond the boundaries of occupational health and safety, Vision Zero for occupational accidents!

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Vision Zero for occupational accidents! This consists of accident-free handling of our our products along the entire life cycle. Our claim is therefore healthy together to work, during work and after work.


This is made possible by living a positive culture of error and preventive action as well as consultation with interested parties, supported by workplace health management (WHM). Occupational health management comprises the pillars of occupational health and safety, workplace health promotion, workplace integration management and addiction prevention. The planning, implementation and expansion of company structures are designed with the aim of making activities health-promoting. On the one hand, resources are strengthened and on the other hand, burdens and stressors are eliminated.


By maintaining the management systems and their continuous improvement, we guarantee standards above the legally required basis with appropriate measures.


Quality is not a Product of Coincidence



QUALIFIED SUPPLIERS supply raw materials and finished parts that significantly affect the quality of our final product. At BECKER, only qualified suppliers will meet our stringent benchmark. Our supplier assessment evaluates quality and allows us to take efficient action where necessary.

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The INTEGRATED PROCESS MANAGEMENT SYSTEM at BECKER ensures rapid communication and implementation specific changes. This enables us to react quickly to economic and social changes.



We therefore dedicate to our CUSTOMERS highest attention closely on these highly specific and individual requirements, offer our skills in consultation and ensure that the requirements are met to the fullest of our customers’ satisfaction. At BECKER, every customer is the centre of focus!



From Becker, for our customers

and suppliers and for us.

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Disposal of used Appliances

It is prohibited to dispose of electric appliances in the household waste. Do not discard your used appliance with the household waste.


Our appliances consist of valuable and recyclable raw materials, such as metals (Aluminium, Cast Iron, Steel) and plastic. Please inform yourself about the possibilities for return of your used appliance in your area and use the return system for disposal. By a professional and environment-friendly recycling of our appliances and their accessories, you make an active contribution to the reduction of CO2 emissions of such materials and you are protecting the environment.


In the disposal or used appliances please do keep in mind the rules and regulations applicable in your country. In case of queries, please contact us.

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