Becker Maintenance Service

Our Maintenance service

Why is it so important to maintain your devices?
Regular maintenance of your vacuum pumps and compressors is crucial to ensure that your operating processes run smoothly and efficiently. Targeted maintenance measures ensure that your devices achieve maximum service life, minimise wear and tear and thus avoid expensive downtimes for your entire system.



  • Inspection
    You benefit from our comprehensive range of inspection services (see Inspection services).
  • Professional maintenance work
    Our experts carry out all maintenance work exactly to the manufacturer‘s specifications. This includes adjustment work, lubrication services and minor repairs.
  • Replacement of wearing parts
    To ensure quality and durability, only original parts are used.
  • Test run
    After the maintenance work, we carry out a test run in accordance with the manufacturer‘s specifications to guarantee optimal functionality.


  • Plannability
    You determine the ideal maintenance time so that your operations are not impaired.
  • Flexibility
    Decide whether maintenance is carried out directly on site or at one of our service centers. If required, we can provide you with a temporary device during the maintenance period.
  • Reliability
    Regular maintenance prevents unforeseen downtime and its associated costs.
  • Longevity
    The service life of your vacuum pumps and compressors is significantly extended by our professional maintenance.

Investing in regular maintenance pays off many times over by ensuring operational readiness and extending the service life of your devices. Rely on our expertise and ensure the smooth operation of your vacuum pumps and compressors.