6 steps to your
energy efficient central system


6 Steps
to maximize your production efficiency and start saving cost, big time!

1. Pre-Project Phase

To provide you with the perfect fit solution, we will examine your current set-up, as well as to conduct detailed discussions with project managers and architect.

2. Project Planning Phase

From the discussions from phase 1. data for the selection and dimensioning of various parameters such as pumps and controls are now evaluated.

3. Quotation Phase

After going through phases 1. and 2. a detailed quotation of our services will be presented. (vacuum pumps and/or compressors, piping accessories, etc.).

4. Project Phase (after order placement)

If the quotation is accepted, the realization phase begins. There, among other things, installation drawings are created, and the vacuum pumps and compressors are installed.

5. Commissioning

Congratulations! One last check, and you are ready to go! We will setup the central vacuum system configured specifically to your needs.

6. Service

And if something does go wrong, we are there for you! We assure you of an optimal offer of maintenance contracts and a worldwide warranty for repairs and spare parts.

Energy cost savings

No. of pumps

by size/capacity (independent of pump brand)

Working hours/Energy costs

Application examples for vacuum pumps

  • vacuum fixing

    Fixing of workpieces on CNC processing centers

    vacuum fixing

  • pick & place

    Vacuum support in automatic loading and unloading machines, gantry systems and hose lifters for wood panels and boards

    pick & place

  • evacuation

    Supply of subpressure in lamination and coating systems


  • extracting

    Vacuum support for drying and impregnation processes in autoclaves


  • pneumatic conveying

    Conveying of pellets and wood chips

    pneumatic conveying

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