Becker Rental Device Service

Our Rental device service

Rental equipment from Becker – safety and efficiency when you need it most.
Your vacuum pump or compressor needs to be repaired and you can‘t afford long downtimes? Rely on Becker and our first-class customer service. Our rental pump program ensures that your business continues to run during maintenance and repair work.



  • Rental devices
    While your own device is being repaired, we will provide you with a rental device for a one-time fee and the associated shipping costs.
  • Quick device replacement
    A comprehensive selection of Becker devices with different operating principles are available in our service centers for quick replacement and immediate use.

The exact scope of services may vary from region to region.



  • Maximum system availability
    You are well protected even if one of your devices fails.
  • Minimal interruptions to production
    Downtime for your business can be drastically reduced.
  • Fast response and service times
    We are guaranteed to be there for you and are happy to help.