Mobile Service
A job with future


One of the most interesting and most varied occupations in Sales Germany is certainly the mobile service technician. Currently, four colleagues are on the road in Germany, mainly carrying out maintenance and service work on both Becker pumps and competitor products. With Jorgen Grässlin in the south, Bernd Noß in the north, Stefen Riedel in the east and René Gatza for west/central, Becker currently has four employees who have more or less divided Germany up among themselves. 


It's fair to say that the four colleagues within Becker run their own business unit. Even the acquisition of customers and the subsequent support of these customers is exclusively in the hands of the service technicians. Of course, they are supported by the office staff, who are responsible for replenishing materials on the service vehicles and for billing customers.


The planning of customer visits is an important task of the service technicians. On the basis of their customer files, upcoming maintenance appointments are to be planned and the corresponding material ordered if not available in the service vehicle. Of course, it is important that tours are put together to avoid unnecessary journeys. This saves time and increased travel costs for customers. Furthermore, it reduces the impact on the environment. After all, each of our four service technicians covers an average of up to forty thousand kilometers a year. The colleagues are also very active in winning new customers.

So it goes without saying that when they are called in, they will ask in the factory next door whether pumps are in use and whether there is any need for maintenance. It is not uncommon for new and successful business relationships to arise in this way.


With their fully equipped workshop trucks, the four colleagues are on the road almost the entire week. Equipped with countless maintenance and spare parts as well as the necessary tools, the vehicles are additionally furnished like a small office. Delivery bills or invoices can be printed on site and in terms of communication, work can be carried out on the laptop directly in the vehicle in addition to the obligatory cell phone with hands-free kit.


Probably no other colleague at Becker has a greater and more comprehensive insight into the different areas of application of our pumps and blowers in practice than our four mobile service technicians.

From the classic applications in the printing and paper sector or the world of the packaging industry, whether in the classic manufacturing areas of the automotive and aircraft industry or the sewage treatment plants of municipalities, from the carpentry workshop to large wood and furniture factories or the high-tech industry with the additive manufacturing applications – nothing is foreign to the mobile service technicians.


Make it Becker

Whether high in the north or low in the south, in the east or west, Becker's mobile service is there for our customers. Neither wind nor weather will stop our colleagues from ensuring that production runs smoothly. Despite their immense commitment, all four agree that this job will continue to have a bright-looking future and nobody wants to miss out on this varied work.

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