Chronicle – A time journey through

the Becker history.


Discovery of vacuum

In May 1654, the inventor of the air pump Otto von Guericke impressively demonstrated the power of air pressure with the help of the "Magdeburg hemispheres" at the Imperial Diet in Regensburg.


Who ventures, wins...

The brothers Otto and Robert Becker found the "Maschinenfabrik Gebr. Becker" in Barmen (today Wuppertal-Barmen).


Otto Becker jun. joins his father's company

Otto Becker jun., son of the co-founder Otto Becker, joins the company as a war invalid.


Becker turns air into power

In 1919, Otto Becker Jr. made the decision to specialise in the manufacture of compressed air equipment in order to set himself apart from the competition.


Entering the paper market

In 1928 he succeeded with another invention, a new type of pneumatic sheet feeder.


First oil-lubricated rotary compressor to support "auto-pilots" in aeroplanes

Together with the Berlin company Askania, Gebr. Becker developed special rotary compressors for driving on-board instruments.


Becker börjar om

Becker startar om efter kriget. Diversifierade produkter, individuella lösningar, & mer export.


"Manufacturing is important, selling is more important"

Production at "Gebläse und Pumpenbau GmbH, vorm. Gebr. Becker" was running at full speed again from the beginning of the 1950s.


On the way to becoming a technology leader

Production at "Gebläse und Pumpenbau GmbH, vorm. Gebr. Becker" was running at full speed again from the beginning of the 1950s.


German Economic Miracle

Gebr. Becker in the "economic miracle": The company could hardly keep up with pump production, because despite repeated expansion, capacities were exhausted and labour was rare.


International Expansion

Gebr. Becker opened up not only to new national markets, but also internationally.


Side Channel Blower technology is developed by Becker

With another important invention by Otto Becker, the company succeeded in entering new areas of application and sales markets in 1962.


Establishing a global network

By 1967, Gebr. Becker already had agencies in Australia, Belgium, Denmark, France, Great Britain, the Netherlands, Hong Kong, Italy, Japan, Norway, Austria, Sweden, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal and South Africa. The export share, which had still been around 6 percent in 1959, rose to 20 percent by 1967.


Apprenticeship at Becker

The apprenticeship business was started in the Gennebreck in 1970.


Construction of the new factory in Wuppertal Nächstebreck begins

In September 1970, Hansjürgen Becker presented the Wuppertal press the new building in the Wuppertal-Nächstebreck industrial estate. Then, in the course of expansion, Hans Jürgen opens up the headquarters.


The leap across the pond - Gebr. Becker goes international

The "family foundation" of the international Becker Group began in 1975 with the first subsidiary, Becker Pumps Corp. (BPC), Ohio, USA.


Formula 1 at Gebr. Becker

In 1978, Gebr. Becker ventured to implement a new operating principle and, for the first time, built centrifugal compressors that could deliver even larger air volumes than the proven side channel compressors - albeit at a lower pressure.


100 years of Gebr. Becker

But the joy of the anniversary is overshadowed by the sudden death of Hansjürgen Becker at the end of the year.


Gebr. Becker is a 4th generation family-run business

Martin Becker joins the company's management as a representative of the 4th generation of the founding family.

From production on a piecework basis to production on a stand-alone basis

In fact, everyone has known for a long time that piecework pay, which is still practised has long since lost its raison d'être," stated Dr. Georg Riesenkampff in 1996.


The first VARIAIR system (VAS)

A prototype of the VAS (VARI AIR SYSTEM) was launched in 1997.


Development of innovative frequency inverters

The basic idea was to achieve the generation of compressed air and vacuum as required, without the usual losses via bypass or throttle valves.


Development of the VADS screw pumps without transmission units

VARIAIR Direct Screw (VADS). With a delivery volume of approx. 1500m³/h, Becker has developed a product that can be used both as a vacuum pump or as a compressor for large volume flows.


Opening of the 2nd German factory in Apolda

The new Gebr. Becker factory in Apolda, Thuringia, was also well networked with the head office right from the start.


Market launch of the VASF 1.

The development of these innovative side channel blowers goes back to the increased demand for decentralised solutions.


Expansion of world trade

In order to take into account the growing importance of the Chinese market, the first foreign production site was established in Ching Pu near Shanghai. In 2021, 42 employees will be working there and manufacturing Becker quality products for the Chinese market.


Gebr. Becker is the 4th generation family-owned business

Following the resignation of Martin Becker, his sister Dr. Dorothee Becker joins the management of the group of companies and thus continues the continuity of the family-owned company.


Company of the Year

On 27 October, in the glass hall of the Stadtsparkasse, the Wuppertal Business Award will be presented for the 14th time under the patronage of Lord Mayor Andreas Mucke awarded.


The Forum Gennebreck presented in a new light - new work

The partial demolition, the laying of the foundation stone and the new construction of the historic building, the former production site of Becker, began.


Becker has a new company logo.

Market launch of Claw Vacuum Pumps - BC series

The inclusion of the new knitting principle in the Becker product portfolio offers the customer a further option in the selection of the knitting principle suitable for his application with three sizes.


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