Chronicle – A time journey through

the Becker history.


Who dares wins...

The brothers Robert and Otto Becker found the "Maschinenfabrik Gebr. Becker" in Barmen (today Wuppertal).


Otto Becker junior joins the company

Otto Becker Jr., son of the co-founder Otto Becker, joins the company.

Becker turns air into performance

In 1919, Otto Becker Jr. decided to specialise in manufacturing compressed air equipment. He had realized that pneumatics was becoming a key technology in mechanical engineering. Compressed air is used in many industrial areas, whether blowers for blast furnaces, compressed air-driven conveyor belts or tools.

First oil-lubricated rotary compressor to support "auto-pilots" in aircraft

Together with the Berlin company Askania, Gebr. Becker develops special rotary compressors for driving onboard instruments.


New production hall in Gennebrecker Straße

The rapidly growing company needed a larger and more modern production hall, and so in 1928, the new building in Gennebrecker Strasse began, which was then moved into in 1929.

Entry into the paper market

In 1932, Gebr. Becker was granted a patent for its rotary vane pump that combined vacuum and compressed air.


Building up

A new start after war and destruction: diversified products, individual solutions, more exports.


Entry of chartered engineer Hansjürgen Becker

Production has been running at full speed again since the early 1950s.


World's first oil-free Rotary Vane Pressure/Vacuum Pump on the way to becoming a technology leader

In 1953, Gebr. Becker introduces another innovation, the dry-running rotary vane compressor, which quickly establishes itself in the printing industry due to its ease of maintenance and robustness.


Gebr. Becker expands internationally

Hansjürgen Becker continues to diversify the products for applications and opens up new international markets.


The technology of the side channel compressor is developed by Gebr. Becker

In 1962, the company succeeded in entering new fields of application and sales markets with another important invention.


Building a global network

In 1967, Gebr. Becker already has representatives in Australia, Belgium, Denmark, France, Great Britain, the Netherlands, Hong Kong, Italy, Japan, Norway, Austria, Sweden, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal and South Africa.


Apprenticeship at Gebr. Becker

A new, practice-oriented apprenticeship workshop is set up in the Gennebreck in 1970.

New building in Hölker Feld

In September 1970, the company builds a functional new production building on the industrial park in Wuppertal- Nächstebreck.


The leap across the pond - Gebr. Becker founds the first sales subsidiary

The "family foundation" of the international Becker Group begins in 1975 with the first subsidiary, Becker Pumps Corp. (BPC) in Akron, Ohio, USA.


The radial compressor - The "Formula 1" by Gebr. Becker

In 1978, Gebr. Becker ventures to implement a new operating principle and builds the first high-speed centrifugal compressors that can deliver even larger quantities of air.


100 years Gebr. Becker

The company is one of the leading manufacturers in the field of vacuum and compressed air.


Gebr. Becker is 4th generation of family management

Martin Becker joins the management of the group of companies as a representative of the 4th generation of the founding family. After his retirement as Managing Director, he remained a formative and responsible member of the Advisory Board, of which he had been a member since 2014, until his much too early death in 2019.

Smart air supply - The first VARIAIR Systems (VAS)

Compact and variable air supply for printing presses. The individual air consumers in the printing press are supplied centrally with blast air or vacuum.


Development of the VADS screw vacuum pumps and compressors without reduction gears

With VARIAIR Direct Screw (VADS) Becker develops a non-contacting product that can be used as a vacuum pump or as a compressor for large volume flows.


Opening of a new plant in Apolda

The location of Apolda has a good potential of skilled workers and a favourable infrastructure.


Launch of the VASF 1. series

The development of these innovative side channel blowers goes back to the increased demand for decentralised solutions.


Expansion of the world trade

To accommodate the growing importance of the Chinese market, the first foreign production site is established in Qingpu near Shanghai.


Gebr. Becker continues to be family-run is 4th generation

After Martin Becker, his sister Dr. Dorothee Becker joins the management of the group of companies and becomes the first woman to head the company.


Company of the Year

Gebr. Becker is awarded the Wuppertal Business Prize 2016 as Company of the Year.


Tradition and modernity: The Forum Gennebreck

New work - With the restoration of the historic former production site and a new extension, an innovative customer and training centre opens in 2019.


Becker has a new company logo.

Market launch of Claw Vacuum Pumps BC series

By expanding its product portfolio, Gebr. Becker offers its customers a wider choice of suitable operating principles.


From 1986

External Managing Director

The company Becker is grateful to the following Managing Directors who, together with the Becker family, have successfully managed the company to this day.



Klaus Trinler

Klaus Trinler

MD 1980–1997

Horst Markwort

Dipl.-Ing. Horst Markwort

MD 1986–1988

Dr. Georg Riesenkampff

Dr. Georg Riesenkampff

MD 1986–2001

Dr. Heinz Heinrich Henning

Dr. Heinz Heinrich Henning

MD 1986–2007

Dr. Christof Soest

Dr. Christof Soest

MD 2005–2010

Carsten Kricke

Dipl.-Ing. Carsten Kricke

MD 2005–2015

Ulrich Wilkesmann

Ulrich Wilkesmann

MD 2005–2020

Dr. Sven Hilfert

Dr. Sven Hilfert

MD since 2012

Dr. Sebastian Springer

Dr. Sebastian Springer

MD since 2022

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