Packaging Industry and Food Processing

Vacuum pumps from Becker improve the shelf life of foodstuffs

Vacuum pumps from Becker form the core of many processes in the packaging and food industry. The treatment of foodstuffs, albeit in packaging or inert gassing, as well as holding, moulding and lifting processes belong to its wide range of applications.


Application examples for vacuum pumps

  • vacuum fixing

    Fixing of foil bags and sacks in filling processes

    vacuum fixing

  • pick & place

    Opening of foil bags and sacks in filling processes

    Placement of food and luxury food, such as chocolates, into packaging

    Palletizing of bagged goods, folding boxes, blister packs, deep-drawn packs, bottles, etc.

    Blister packaging of pharmaceutical products

    pick & place

  • evacuation

    Reduction of oxygen content in chamber packing machines

    Acceleration of maturing processes in tumblers in the meat processing industry

    Evacuation of tubes, bottles and containers in the filling industry


  • extracting

    Extraction systems for automated slaughtering systems


  • pneumatic conveying

    Conveying of food, such as cereals, flour, sugar, and pulses

    pneumatic conveying

  • blowing & injecting

    Pressure build-up in pneumatic fruit and wine presses

    blowing & injecting

  • degassing

    Improving the shelf life of food

    Preventing trapped air in ceramic materials

    Degassing of pasta products


  • gas recirculation

    Recirculation of oxygen reduced air to improve shelf life of food

    gas recirculation

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