Rotary vane vacuum pumps

oil-free (dry-running)

VT 4.2, VT 4.4, VT 4.8, VT 4.10, VT 4.16, VT 4.25, VT 4.40, KVT 3.60, KVT 3.80, KVT 3.100, KVT 3.140, VTLF 2.200, VTLF2.250, VTLF 2.360, VTLF 2.400, VTLF 2.500, VX 4.10, VX 4.16, VX 4.25, VX 4.40, KVX 3.60, KVX 3.80, KVX 3.100, KVX 3.140, VXLF 2.200, VXLF 2.250, VXLF 2.360, VXLF 2.400, VXLF 2.500, VARIAIR KVT 3.80/0-400, VARIAIR KVX 3.80/0-400, VARIAIR KVT 3.100/0-400, VARIAIR KVX 3.100/0-400, VARIAIR KVT 3.140/0-400, VARIAIR KVX 3.140/0-400, VARIAIR VTLF 2.250/0-400, VARIAIR VXLF 2.250/0-400, VARIAIR VTLF 2.360/0-400, VARIAIR VTLF 2.500/0-400, VARIAIR VXLF 2.500/0-400

Rotary vane vacuum pumps


The robustly constructed rotary vane pumps are suitable for higher pressure differences in vacuum and/or pressure applications. An eccentrically mounted rotor with slots rotates in a cylindrical housing and the precisely fitting sliding vanes move in the slots and separate the individual working chambers.

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