Extracting fluids with vacuum pumps

Vacuum pumps from Becker are used to convey gas, fluid and solid mixtures. An upstream separator prevents the ingress of fluids and solids into the vacuum pump.


Application examples for vacuum generators

  • Construction Industry

    Suction removal of air/water mixtures in groundwater management systems for the drainage of construction sites

    Construction Industry

  • Electronics Industry

    Extraction systems for soldering fumes

    Electronics Industry

  • Woodworking Industry

    Vacuum support for drying and impregnation processes in autoclaves

    Woodworking Industry

  • Laser Industry

    Extraction of scale during laser

    Laser Industry

  • General Mechanical Engineering

    Vacuum supply of mobile or stationary industrial vacuum cleaners

    General Mechanical Engineering

  • Medical Technology

    Vacuum supply to mobile or stationary extraction systems for fluids and secretions in hospital and dental applications

    Extraction of anaesthetic gases

    Vacuum support in cosmetic applications and skin treatment (endermology)

    Fume extraction and suction air for medical waste management systems

    Medical Technology

  • Environmental Industry

    Generation of subpressure for drainage in vacuum sewerage

    Air supply to air monitoring devices for measurement of suspended solids and dust

    Environmental Industry

  • Packaging Industry/Food Processing

    Extraction plants for automated slaughtering systems

    Packaging Industry/Food Processing