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Central System

Central Systems with a promise of success.

The VARIAIR Central System (VACS) from Becker provides a compact solution for supplying air to one or more production systems. This method of supplying suction and blast air supply is employed in a wide range of different places. Whether in small businesses or for specific stages of production in large companies, the energy-saving VARIAIR Central System delivers suction and blast air that's matched to demand.


VACS cuts noise in the work environment and reduces operating personnel exposure to high temperatures through the absence of direct heat sources. This is where VACS offers the major advantage of Becker's modular control system VARIAIR Controller+. It manages as many as four different pressure levels with no more than seven pump units each. The VARIAIR Central System obviates the need for additional pump rooms. Affording a high degree of flexibility, VACS uses short connection lines and costs little to install. All connected equipment is provided with a built-on frequency converter. Of modular design, these cabinets can be extended at any time to ensure flexibility in accommodating growing production requirements.







Becker VARIAIR Central System

Examples of stand-alone pumps



In central systems, multiple single pumps on separate production machines are replaced by just a few larger vacuum pumps and/or compressors in a separate room (control room, basement etc.). The units are connected to the production machines via pipes.


Central systems provide your machines with on-demand vacuum and blast air, which means energy savings. Noise levels are drastically reduced in employee work areas. Each pneumatic supply in a centralised system is equipped with its own frequency converter. Thus, the pneumatic requirements of each production machine can be continuously adapted for any given operating point. By average, frequency-controlled units operate at a relative speed of approx. 65%. Overall, this leads to significant energy savings over separate units and devices without speed controlling.

Becker Centralised System_VADS 1500

The animation for the food packaging industry on the right shows typical problems of decentralized production areas:

  • Lack of speed
  • Pump failure
  • Nigh noise and heat emissions
  • Aerosolemissions


Together we can do better!
Are you ready to bring your production efficiency to the next level?

Becker Centralized Vacuumn Systems

6 steps to your
energy efficient central system


6 Steps
to maximize your production efficiency and start saving cost, big time!

1. Pre-Project Phase

To provide you with the perfect fit solution, we will examine your current set-up, as well as to conduct detailed discussions with project managers and architect.

2. Project Planning Phase

From the discussions from phase 1. data for the selection and dimensioning of various parameters such as pumps and controls are now evaluated.

3. Quotation Phase

After going through phases 1. and 2. a detailed quotation of our services will be presented. (vacuum pumps and/or compressors, piping accessories, etc.).

4. Project Phase (after order placement)

If the quotation is accepted, the realization phase begins. There, among other things, installation drawings are created, and the vacuum pumps and compressors are installed.

5. Commissioning

Congratulations! One last check, and you are ready to go! We will setup the central vacuum system configured specifically to your needs.

6. Service

And if something does go wrong, we are there for you! We assure you of an optimal offer of maintenance contracts and a worldwide warranty for repairs and spare parts.



Our central pneumatic systems are always optimised for your specific requirements. Each system is designed and configured especially for the requirements of the given application.

In production facilities, workplaces are being subjected to ever more stringent noise and heat emission regulations. In centralised pneumatic systems, there is no longer a need for separate vacuum pumps and compressors. Employees are subjected to minimum levels of heat, noise and oil mist.

Eliminating the many separate pumps leads to a significant reduction in convection heat. Thus, air conditioning systems are subjected to lower loads and consume less energy. By removing the exhaust outlets (and the accompanying oil mist) from the production area, the air quality is greatly improved in the production area.

The Becker VARIAIR Controller+ is the ideal controller solution for VARIAR Central Systems (VACS), Central Systems and Tank mounted vacuum systems.

In centralised pneumatic systems, you can inspect and service the pneumatic supplies at a single location. It is much easier to access and inspect these units than to having to travel to each single supply unit for this purpose.

Plants without a centralised pneumatic supply system typically have multiple vacuum pumps and compressors from multiple manufacturers in production. The many different replacement and wear parts required for each separate system results in drastically increased logistics and becomes expensive for the plant operator. Generally speaking, vacuum pumps and compressors in centralised pneumatic systems are low maintenance and utilise many of the same parts and materials. This restricts the range of required parts to an absolute minimum.

Roots Booster


The touch-free operating and oil-free compressing roots booster pump represents an efficient solution for pumping stations used in the food packaging industry (primary packaging). The evacuation speed is considerably increased compared to the single vacuum pump integrated into the packaging machine. With its integrated bypass it offers high operational reliability and availability for high-performance packaging processes.


The roots pump supplements an existing vacuum pump. Together with this backing pump it offers compact partial centralisation. The backing pump used is an oil-lubricated rotary-vane vacuum pump by Becker.

Vacuum Systems

with vessel

Whenever a certain vacuum needs to be provided, vacuum systems from Gebr. Becker are employed. Systems for a continuous provisioning generally contain one or several vacuum pumps mounted on a vessel.

Vessels are available in the sizes 90, 250, 500, 750, 1000 and 1500 litres in horizontal versions. They are hot-dip galvanised internally and externally. For the automatic regulation of the vacuum level, the systems are equipped with a electrical cabinet. It includes a transformer for power supply of the pressure switch, time relay, On/Off switch, main switch, operation and fault indicator as well as operating hours counter. A suction filter, shut-off valves and a condensate drain are also included in the ready-for-connection delivery. Furthermore, all systems are designed so that they can easily be equipped with additional accessories such as separators, ball valves, etc.


If vacuum provisioning has already been arranged for or is not required, the pumps may also be consolidated in a space-saving rack system. For instance, a medicine rack can be equipped with 3 dry running vacuum pumps from the VTLF series, secretion separators and electrical cabinet. In addition to even bigger oil-lubricated vacuum pumps, 2000 litre vessels can also be used for centralised systems. The pumps and vessels are then installed separately. The highly flexible Becker vacuum system can thus always be optimally integrated in the customer application!


Becker Vacuum System with Vessel (VT 4.40)

VT 4.40 in sound proof box SH 19
on vessel incl. electrical cabinet

D Systems


Dry running vacuum pumps (VT, VX, VTLF & VXLF) are used here. This allows a vacuum of up to 90 % to be achieved.

L Systems


Oil-lubricated vacuum pumps (U 4. & U 5.) are used here. This allows a vacuum of up to 99.9 % to be achieved.

VARIAIR Controller+

for Systems Solutions

The controller is easily adjustable to individual requirements. The VARIAIR Controller+ is a sustainable technology and solution to control and monitor air supply systems. Vacuum and pressure pumps, equipped with or without Becker frequency converter technology (VARIAIR Units), can merge into user-friendly complete systems. Different types of pumps, for instance side channel blowers and rotary vane pumps, can be combined and tailored to suit a specific need as a VARIAIR Central System.


Discover the


  • Full support and integration of VARIAIR Units
  • Sensor guided control for up to 8 pressure levels
  • Increase of service life due to balanced run time of each pump
  • Improved energy efficiency when bundled into a system
  • Reduced service costs
  • Simple upgrade capability due to modular component design
  • Easy integration of customer specific parts and components
  • Customizable graphical user interface e.g. customer logo
  • Easy implementation of additional application specific features
  • Fieldbus and Ethernet options available
  • Suitable for all systems; retrofitting is possible
  • Optimized operation for each specific application
  • Intuitive operating interface
  • Consistent software design and hardware for numerous types of systems
  • Support of various languages and units of measurements
  • Overall control and monitoring of the controller via customer network possible
  • Logging and diagnostic tool
  • Reduction of wear due to bundling of all pumps
  • Manual operation mode
  • Interactive assistance and demonstration of maintenance procedures
  • VARIAIR Controller+ with 7“ or 10.1“ Touchscreen or without display
  • All components UL/CSA listed
  • Protection class according to EN60529, Touchscreen (front side) IP65
  • Maintenance free, no hard disk, fan or battery
  • All components available worldwide
  • Various types of digital and analog modules available
  • Fieldbus and Ethernet options available
  • The Becker VARIAIR Controller+ is the ideal controller solution for:
     - VARIAR Central Systems (VACS)
     - Central systems
     - Tank mounted vacuum systems
  • The interchangeability of old Becker systems is possible.
  • The following products can be integrated:
     - Dry running rotary vane pumps
     - Oil lubricated rotary vane pumps
     - Screw vacuum pumps
     - Claw pumps
     - Side channel blowers
     - Radial blowers
  • Vacuum packaging for the food industry
  • Vacuum supported hold-down CNC router tables for the wood working industry
  • Handling, separation and transportation of paper for the printing industry
  • Handling (pick and place) of electronic components in clean room environments
  • Aspiration applications for the medical and dental industry
  • Manufacturing and packaging of cigarettes for the tobacco industry

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