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Rotary vane pressure/vacuum pumps

oil-free combined pumps

Becker’s oil-less rotary vane pressure/vacuum pumps are similar to other vane pumps. An eccentrically mounted rotor with slots rotates in a cylindrical housing and the precisely fitting sliding vanes move in the slots and separate the individual working chambers. However, these pumps feature unique benefits you will not find with standard vacuum pumps.

Becker pioneered the development of the combined pressure and vacuum pumps when it developed a device called the secondary suction. This secondary inlet port allows a continuous flow of inlet air and lets the compressor operate independently of the vacuum pump. All Becker combined pumps include this design.

These robustly constructed combined pumps are suitable for higher pressure differences in vacuum and/or pressure applications. They can reach a vacuum and pressure level of ±0.6 bar simultaneously. This is done by using a secondary suction port, so when the vacuum level is increased the blast air side is not affected.

Markets and applications

As a leader in the field of suction and blast air Becker offer complete solutions driven by your individual needs. Our dry-running rotary vane pressure/vacuum pumps are the ideal solution for Print & Paper Market. Although the Print Market is the main use for these pumps other non-printing customers have found these pumps to be the perfect fit for them. Click on your market or application below to learn how Becker’s oil-less combined vacuum pumps can help your business or application.


    Printing and Paper Industry

    Whether you need an individual unit or a system, Becker's vacuum pumps, compressors for blast air, and combined pressure/vacuum pumps are made for the various processes used in the printing and paper industry - from the pre-press stage, to sheet fed and digital presses, to the post-press.

    General Mechanical Engineering

    Becker provides customised vacuum pump and compressor solutions for numerous mechanical engineering applications across the world, such as conveying, transporting, fixing, lifting, handling, drying, cooling and many more.


    Vacuum Fixing

    Vacuum pumps and vacuum systems from Becker are the ideal solution for holding goods and components in place during production, processing, and packaging.

    Pick & Place

    Many modern production processes require the use of vacuum to transport, lift, and place goods and materials, including feeders for printing, secondary packaging, and other automatic loaders.

    Pneumatic Conveying

    Low pressure and vacuum solutions are perfect for transferring powders, granules, flakes, and other small, dry, low bulk density products.

    Blowing & Injecting

    Compressors are used to build up pressure to supply air for the aeration of waste water, blast air for printing, wine presses, drainage system reliners, and other processes.