Blowing & Injecting

Blast air to aerate waste water and many more

Compressors from Becker are used to build up pressure to supply air to customer processes.


Application examples for compressors

  • construction industry

    Using blast air to apply finished plaster to walls

    Application of compressed air to reliners for the restoration of damaged drainage systems

    Blast air for foam concrete plants

    construction industry

  • printing and paper industry

    Fanning out and singling of paper sheets in feeders for the further processing of printing and paper products

    Generation of air cushions on guide rollers to protect printed products

    Powder dusting for the separation of paper sheets

    Blast air for ionization plants for electrostatic discharge during printing

    Simplified transport of paper layers and use on cutting tables

    Compressors supply cutting tables to simplify the transportation of paper layers and their use

    printing and paper industry

  • electronics industry

    Blowing and injecting during wet processes in circuit board production

    electronics industry

  • energy industry

    Supply of atmospheric oxygen to the fuel cell cathode

    Supply of air to the reformer burner in stationary fuel cells

    energy industry

  • plastics industry

    Air supply for cooling processes in blown film production

    plastics industry

  • general mechanical engineering

    Controllable low pressure blast air flow for air knives for cleaning, drying and cooling

    O2 enrichment in process technology

    general mechanical engineering

  • medical technology

    Vacuum chambers allow simulated altitude training by adjustment of atmospheric pressure

    Supply of blast air to EECP devices

    medical technology

  • environmental industry

    Oxygenation through blast air stimulates growth of bacteria required for water purification in sewage plants

    Soil decontamination through Air Sparging – the entry of blast air dissolves toxic substances in contaminated soil. Toxic substances are separated by activated carbon filters

    Blast air for the desulphurization of biogas

    Ventilation of aquacultures

    Blast air to capture sand in sewage plants

    Compressed air support for backflushing processes

    environmental industry

  • packaging industry/food processing

    Pressure build-up in pneumatic fruit and wine presses

    packaging industry/food processing