Environmental Industry

Vacuum pumps and compressors from Becker put things in their right places

Performance, precision and sustainability matter in the environmental industry. Vacuum pumps and compressors from Becker perform their job day after day in numerous environmental technology processes.


Application examples for vacuum pumps and compressors

  • extracting

    Generation of subpressure for drainage in vacuum sewerage

    Air supply to air monitoring devices for measurement of suspended solids and dust


  • pneumatic conveying

    Conveying of sewage and other air/fluid mixtures

    pneumatic conveying

  • blowing & injecting

    Oxygenation through blast air stimulates growth of bacteria required for water purification in sewage plants

    Soil decontamination through air sparging – the entry of blast air dissolves toxic substances in contaminated soil. Toxic substances are separated by activated carbon filters.

    Blast air for the desulphurization of biogas

    Ventilation of aquacultures

    Blast air to capture sand in sewage plants

    Compressed air support for backflushing processes

    blowing & injecting