General Mechanical Engineering

Vacuum pumps and compressors from Becker for industrial applications

Becker provides customized vacuum pump and compressor solutions for numerous applications across the world. Among others, they allow to convey and transport, fix, lift and handle, dry and cool. In doing so, Becker vacuum pumps and compressors are always reliable, energy-efficient and low maintenance.


Application examples for vacuum pumps and compressors

  • vacuum fixing

    Fixing of textiles and leather on cutting tables

    Fixing of sheet material, e.g. glass, plastic or metal

    vacuum fixing

  • pick & place

    Vacuum support in automatic loading and unloading machines, gantry systems and hose lifters

    Vacuum support in automatic logistic processes

    pick & place

  • extracting

    Vacuum support of mobile or stationary industrial vacuum cleaners


  • pneumatic conveying

    Process air supply for pneumatic delivery systems

    pneumatic conveying

  • blowing & injecting

    Controllable low pressure blast air flow for air knives for cleaning, drying and cooling

    O2 enrichment in process technology

    blowing & injecting

  • degassing

    Degassing of high-quality ceramic materials to prevent trapped air


  • gas recirculation

    Recirculation of inert gases in glove box applications

    gas recirculation