Plastics Industry

Vacuum pumps and compressors from Becker for all processes in the plastics industry

The applications and demands involved in the different processes of the plastics industry are as diverse as its products. Whether in the production of new plastic components or the resource-friendly recycling of PET – vacuum pumps, vacuum plants and compressors from Becker are part of it.


Application examples for vacuum pumps and compressors

  • vacuum fixing

    Fixing of plastic panels

    vacuum fixing

  • pick & place

    Placement and removal of plastic products from automatic deep drawing and injection moulding plants

    pick & place

  • evacuation

    Vacuum generation for thermoforming or deep drawing applications, injection moulding and rubber moulding processes


  • pneumatic conveying

    Conveying of granulates

    Drying of granulates in air-circulation process

    pneumatic conveying

  • blowing & injecting

    Air supply for cooling processes in blown film production

    blowing & injecting

  • degassing

    Extruder degassing