Celebrating our next generation of apprentices
National Apprenticeship Week 2024

Introducing Natasha and Dominic

This National Apprentice Week, we are proud to shine the spotlight on two individuals who have become integral members of the Becker UK family - Natasha and Dominic.


Both Natasha and Dom embarked on their apprenticeship journey with us in October 2023, bringing fresh perspectives, enthusiasm, and a commitment to learning that has significantly enriched our workplace. 


Over the years, Becker UK has reaped the benefits of apprenticeships. Many of our colleagues who have enjoyed long-standing careers with us, started their work-life through a blend of workplace learning, training and additional academic support.


Service Excellence


Natasha, our talented customer service apprentice, has swiftly become another face of our commitment to exceptional customer experiences. She follows in the footsteps of two of her colleagues and valued team members - Chloe, our Internal Sales Co-ordinator, who has enjoyed 11 years at Becker to-date and Millie, our Service Co-ordinator, who also started her career at Becker over 14 years ago. They both have helped Natasha learn the importance of understanding and addressing customer needs


Natasha has integrated herself into the team, taking on a positive attitude, and developing her communication and problem-solving skills.


Engineering Excellence:


On the engineering front, Dominic has proven to be a rising star as our engineering apprentice. Since joining Becker UK, Dominic has immersed himself in hands-on experiences, learning the intricacies of our processes. His eagerness to take on challenges has undoubtably, made him a truly valuable asset to our team.


Graeme our talented Service Engineer based in Hull, followed a similar path. Starting his work experience with Becker, Graeme then completed his apprenticeship and subsequently, moved into full-time employment. We have had the privilege of having Graeme on our team for nearly 18 years!


Like many of our team members, Dominic's journey also showcases the immense potential that apprenticeships hold in cultivating technical skills and fostering innovation that Becker UK is so proud of.


Investment in our future generation:


Apprenticeships not only benefit the individuals but also contribute to the growth and sustainability of our organisation. By investing in the next generation of talent, we are not only preparing Natasha and Dominic for successful careers but also ensuring the continued success of Becker, in investing in the next generation of team members.


Their fresh perspectives, coupled with their dedication and willingness to learn, embody the values that drive our company forward.


As we celebrate National Apprentice Week this year, we reflect on the important contributions of apprentices like Natasha and Dominic; reminding us why it is so vital to invest in the development of young talent, creating a brighter and more innovative future.


Keep up the fantastic work, Natasha and Dominic - we are excited to see what the future holds for you both.


Follow their apprenticeship journeys via the:


Becker UK LinkedIn page