Getting CAKED
In support of Hull and East Yorkshire Children's University



Becker UK colleagues, Paula, Tim and Martin, took on East Yorkshire's muddiest challenge in a bid to raise money for our charity partner.


Set the scene - a beautiful sunny (albeit windy) Saturday in April. We are in the picturesque Yorkshire countryside and surrounded by hundreds of seasoned runners, all participating in the annual 'Get CAKED' race which supports local charities from across the region.


Taking on the muddiest eight-kilometre obstacle race in East Yorkshire, we are delighted that our team of avid runners has exceeded our target, raising over £300.00 for our charity partner, Hull and East Yorkshire Children's University.


A great achievement for our team members and supporters - we would like to take this opportunity to "thank you"!


About Hull and East Yorkshire Children's University:


Hull and East Yorkshire (HEY) Children’s University is a charity that strives to give every child the opportunities they deserve, no matter what circumstances they were born into.

Many children around Hull do not share the same opportunities that other children have in the UK. With a staggering one in three children in the area growing up in poverty, many have never been much further than the street in which they live - whilst some children will never visit another city until they reach adulthood.

Because of this, some children simply do not have dreams for the future.

HEY Children’s University believes that every child is brilliant at something, but how can those children find out their unique talents if they don’t have the opportunity to try new things? This is where they step in. 


Becker UK HEY Children's Uni

Becker UK is, therefore, delighted to be able to support such a deserving charity and disadvantaged children in the region; helping in various calendar events and festivities such as World Book Day, Children’s Mental Health Week, and Christmas - to name but a few. 


By partnering with the charity, Becker UK hopes to be able to help enrich the lives of young individuals across the area who may not have the same opportunities.


From young carers, to those suffering from ill health, and children who have been placed into care or from low-income households - our contribution allows the charity to raise vital funds, host enriching events, and donate materials to encourage creativity and learning outside of the school environment.


We believe that they all deserve to find inspiration and joy in their everyday lives.




A special thank you to each Becker colleague who helps contribute to activities to help raise vital funds and awareness of our charity partner, Hull and East Yorkshire Children's University.


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