Becker Inspection Service

Our Inspection service

Why is the inspection of vacuum pumps and compressors important?
Inspecting your vacuum pumps and compressors ensures that your equipment is always in optimal condition. It is not only a check of the current condition, but also an opportunity to identify and rectify future problems before they cause major breakdowns.


For which customers is the inspection particularly recommended?
In particular, customers with their own maintenance department who wish to take over maintenance themselves in the future will benefit from our service. Our thorough inspection provides a clear starting point for future service activities and equips your employees with the necessary know-how to efficiently reduce downtime.



  • Inspection
    We thoroughly check your devices and document the current condition in detail.
  • Recommendations for action
    We give you recommendations on how you can maintain the value of your equipment and extend their service life.


  • Clarity
    The inspection shows you the current condition of your vacuum pumps and compressors.
  • Better planning
    By identifying potential problem areas in advance, you can plan ahead for maintenance and possibly repairs.
  • Training opportunities
    Gain the skills to carry out maintenance on your vacuum pumps and compressors independently and in accordance with the manufacturer‘s specifications.

Through regular inspections, we ensure that your devices run smoothly and prevent unexpected breakdowns. Rely on our expertise for long-lasting, optimum performance of your vacuum pumps and compressors.