Becker Replacement Service

Our Replacement service

The Becker replacement service – continuity and reliability in every situation.
If it needs to be done more quickly or if a repair is not economically viable, our exchange service is there to help you. We offer you the option of replacing your defective device with an equivalent or newer model so that your production and operating processes can continue seamlessly.



  • Fast replacement
    Your defective device will be quickly replaced with a functional, tested model from our range.
  • Warranty and safety
    The replacement device meets the high Becker quality standards.
  • Flexibility
    The replacement device can be selected to best suit your individual requirements.


  • Virtually uninterrupted operating times
    Rapid assistance even in the event of unexpected device failures.
  • Cost savings
    You benefit from a replacement device compared to a new purchase or expensive repairs.
  • Certainty and security
    Replacement devices are always tested by us in advance.