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For around 3 years, we have been focusing more intensively on the topic of robotics. As part of automation technology, it is an integral part of the training framework for mechatronics engineers and industrial mechanics.

Due to the advancing digitalization and the future orientation in production, in the future humans will be required more than ever as an important link between the various systems to monitor these systems, to correct them and to be able to intervene appropriately in case of errors. Repetitive tasks can be handled well by machines.

However, the technological effort is sometimes immensely high. Just gripping a filigree part is no problem for humans. The robot must be specially equipped for such tasks and the force it needs for this must be programmed into it. Ultimately, the robot is a work facilitator, just like a normal lift truck.

In the 1970s, conventional machines were gradually replaced by CNC-controlled machines. This makes it all the more important for people to develop their skills as well. That's why we decided to use an industrial robot from Kuka in our training program.

In the future, our trainees should be able to supervise such systems and possibly make corrections to previously programmed positions. Humans will always play an important role at work and will thus work together with collaborative machines in the future.


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