at Becker

Ms. Rong,

what exactly is your job and what does a normal working day look like?

I work at Becker in International Customer Support/Internal Sales/Customer Care and am an SAP Key User in my team. What do I do on a normal working day? I process customer orders, communicate with production regarding deadlines, create shipments and communicate with our shipping department, customers and carriers. I also track deliveries, create quotes and complete tasks in SAP.


Describe Becker in three words?

Respect, work-life balance, tradition.

Frau Rong Rong


Rong Rong

Mr. Preuß,

what exactly is your job and what does a normal working day look like?

My name is Florian Preuß. As an innovation manager, I spend most of my working hours dealing with future-oriented topics. The individual tasks are very varied and include everything from market and potential analyses to process concepts and project management. I work with colleagues from a wide range of departments and learn something new every day.


What makes Becker stand out as an employer?

Becker is a medium-sized family business. Here, classic German mechanical engineering meets modern working methods. The open culture makes the office not a boring place to work for me, but also a place to meet, where problems are understood, solutions are developed together and table tennis is played in the meeting room. In this way, colleagues become friends and ideas become products that satisfy the needs of our customers.

Herr Florian Preuß


Florian Preuß

Ms. Clemens,

what exactly is your job and what does a normal working day look like?

My name is Esther Clemens and I am a mechatronics technician apprentice in my second year at Gebr. Becker. I spend most of my time in the training workshop, where all the materials and machines that are important for the training courses are located. The goal is to ensure the best possible preparation for the final exams through training courses and advanced training. If the next training course is currently being conducted by a colleague, we usually go into production for a few days to apply what we have learned in everyday life. At the moment, I'm not yet on the company course, as the intermediate exam has to be taken first.


Because of the school absences due to the corona, the instructors offer a few hours of in-company instruction every Thursday, where topics from the various subjects are worked through and, if necessary, put into practice. I also do a lot of work to implement the continuous improvement processes (CIP for short) in the company. For this, orders are forwarded which are to be processed. The resulting aluminum racks are used for new and clearer line planning. Since the machine training courses for mechatronics engineers are limited and most of them have already been completed, greater emphasis is currently being placed on electrical training.


What makes Becker stand out as an employer?

Becker invests a lot of time and money in our training. When we talk to people from other companies about the company's promotional offers, it is very clear that our company tries to get the best possible out of each apprentice and train them in as many different ways as possible.


Furthermore, the company attaches great importance to the future pension of the employee. The employee is free to sign a contract with any insurance company or to opt for the available time value account, which can secure us an early retirement.


Of course, Becker also includes its colleagues, both in production and in the office. There is always a willingness to help and support each other. The employees are friendly and enjoy integrating us into their areas of responsibility. In general, it is my personal opinion that there is a very balanced and largely positive working atmosphere in the company.


The company places a lot of emphasis on further development and optimization of production. These concepts are aimed at improving the work area, learning and communication, and increasing production figures through improved line concepts.


Describe Becker in three words.

Innovation, progress and cohesion.

Frau Esther Clemens


Esther Clemens

Mr. Yurduseven,

what exactly is your job and what does a normal working day look like?

what exactly is your job and what does a normal working day look like?
I work as a shift supervisor in mechanical production. My day starts with assigning the employees to the priority machines. The rest of the day I control the production and when machines break down I have to react accordingly and make decisions. In addition, I prepare the store floor figures for my area and hold a meeting with my colleagues. Furthermore, I schedule operating orders and vacation requests.


What makes Becker stand out as an employer?

Gebr. Becker makes a lot of difference to me. I have been with the company since my apprenticeship and this is where I grew up. During my time at Becker, I learned a lot and was able to gain some experience. I feel very comfortable and secure.

Herr Ekrem Yurduseven


Ekrem Yurduseven

Mr. Ciesla,

what exactly is your job and what does a normal working day look like?

I head the International Customer Support Team II (ICS II), have 4 employees with whom I support a large part of our subsidiaries and dealers in sales issues.

Under normal conditions without Corona, my international travel rate and that of my colleagues is very high. In addition to providing technical advice to our internal and external customers, my team prepares quotations and orders and pursues clearly set sales targets.


What makes Becker stand out as an employer?

I have been working for the company for 20 years. It was always my wish to work for a traditional German mechanical engineering company in the medium-sized sector. Direct contact with decision-makers, being directly involved in the creation of products and services, and being able to celebrate success with customers are crucial factors for me.


I am delighted that our company is seizing the opportunities of the present to prepare for what I see as the massive changes of the future.


Describe Becker in three words.

Tradition, Present, Future.

Herr Hans Ciesla


Hans Ciesla

Mr. Stracke,

what exactly is your job and what does a normal working day look like?

My name is Jorik Stracke and I am a mechatronics technician in my 2nd year of training at Gebr. As a mechatronics technician, my field of activity is very diverse. My activities are mainly in electrical engineering and mechanics and are directed to my already learned knowledge. I have built up the pneumatics and the corresponding electrics on a plug-in board and during the electrical engineering course I have built up various alternating circuits and contactor circuits on a perforated plate. During the PLC course I learned how to program a PLC (programmable logic controller) and programmed a traffic light circuit. Of course, in addition to the practical part of a course, there is always theory. Also the mechanical part, where I first worked on the basic course metal with files, saws and drillings and afterwards still the mechanical turning and milling learned, was brought closer to me by training courses.


There is no normal workday for me, as new tasks are set every day. I start at 6 o'clock in the morning, then I continue working on a training course or an instructor assigns me a task, which I then work on. Since Gebr. Becker is currently working very hard on improvement processes, we are given corresponding tasks where we then, for example, rebuild a workplace so that work can be done more efficiently there.


What makes Becker stand out as an employer?

The fact that I had the opportunity to take on responsibility right from the start of my training. I was allowed to lead a project with my work colleague, in which we built a Bluetooth speaker with students during the vacations.


In addition, a lot of emphasis is placed on digital work here, which is why we were provided with an iPad at the beginning of the apprenticeship, where we can then work on the courses digitally. We can also easily view drawings for a component to be manufactured on the iPad, so we don't always have to print out all the drawings.


Describe Becker in three words.

Collaborative, forward-looking, family-oriented.

Herr Jorik Stracke


Jorik Stracke

Ms. Marques,

what exactly is your job and what does a normal working day look like?

At Becker, I work in the international spare parts department. In this area, everyone has their own customer area, divided up by country, which everyone handles independently and is responsible for. My tasks include order entry and processing, deadline tracking, export processing, preparing quotations and processing complaints.


What makes Becker stand out as an employer?

Becker is a very family-friendly company with flexible working hours. The company makes you feel good and it cares about its employees.


Describe Becker in three words.

Flexible, family-friendly, attentiveness (health weeks, workplace glasses, company doctor,...).

Frau Silvia Marques


Silvia Marques

Mr. Söhnchen,

what exactly is your job and what does a normal working day look like?

I work in oil line construction and am responsible for supplying oil lines to production. I saw the lines to size, deburr and solder them. I then bend the lines to suit the order using a jig. When the order is completed, I book it into the system as finished and take the oil lines to the workstations for assembly.


Describe Becker in three words.

Family business, social employer, represented worldwide.

Herr Sascha Söhnchen


Sascha Söhnchen