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O 6.8

Rotary vane vacuum pumps, oil-lubricated

The O 6.8 is a deep vacuum, displacement pump ideally suited for use in packaging and food processing machines. The oil-lubricated rotary vane vacuum pump has high water vapour tolerance.


  • Non return valve
  • High efficiency oil separator element


Volume flow 50 Hz8 m³/h
Vacuum absolute 50 Hz2 mbar
Power 50 Hz0.25…0.3 kW
Noise Level 50 Hz58 dB(A)
Volume flow 60 Hz9.6 m³/h
Vacuum absolute 60 Hz2 mbar
Power 60 Hz0.3…0.36 kW
Noise Level 60 Hz60 dB(A)
Weight10 kg with motor


  • High efficiency oil separator element
  • Air-cooled
  • Single shaft direct drive
  • Compact design


  • Cool and quiet operation
  • Quiet operation – no silencer enclosures necessary
  • Small footprint for space savings
  • Straightforward construction for fast and easy service on-site to reduce downtime
  • Best cold start performance
  • High water vapour tolerance
  • Robust and long-lasting


    Primary Packaging and Food Processing

    Whether you have an inline tray sealer, chamber machine, rotary chamber machine, tumbler or mixing chambers our robust vacuum pumps keep your machine running.



    From food processing and packaging, to thermoforming and manufacturing, the removal of air or gas from a given space is one of the most wide ranging applications of vacuum pumps and systems.


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