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Pick & Place

Vacuum pumps for safe handling

Pick & place is a synonym for automated handling. Vacuum pumps from Becker provide vacuum extractors reliably with subpressure for a variety of lifting and transport tasks.


With so many criteria to be checked when choosing a pick & place solution, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. That’s why it pays to pick Becker. We have the extensive experience, expertise and portfolio to solve your challenges and increase your operation’s performance.



Becker_ASM Case


Find out how the world’s leading supplier of semiconductor equipment experienced 20,000 maintenance-free operating hours.

Becker_Formhand Case


Discover how a young innovative company used Becker’s vacuum technology to create unique robot-driven grippers able to grip objects of all shapes and sizes.


Watch why when you partnering with Becker, you partner with the industry’s problem solver. We take time to fully understand your challenges and tailor solutions to match all your requirements. Find out how in this video.


Application examples for vacuum pumps

  • construction industry

    Handling of tunnel segments

    construction industry

  • printing and paper industry

    Feeding and transport of paper sheets in offset printing machines

    printing and paper industry

  • electronics industry

    Mounting of circuit boards and PC boards by chip mounters

    electronics industry

  • energy

    Handling of electrode sheets


  • woodworking industry

    Vacuum support in automatic loading and unloading machines, gantry systems and hose lifters for wood panels and boards

    woodworking industry

  • plastics industry

    Placement and removal of plastic products from automatic deep drawing and injection moulding plants

    plastics industry

  • general mechanical engineering

    Vacuum support in automatic loading and unloading machines, gantry systems and hose lifters

    Vacuum supply for automated logistic processes

    general mechanical engineering

  • packaging industry/food processing

    Placement of food and luxury food, such as chocolates, into packaging

    Palletizing of bagged goods, folding boxes, blister packs, deep-drawn packs, bottles, etc.

    Opening of foil bags and sacks in filling processes

    Blister packaging of pharmaceutical

    packaging industry/food processing