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Becker_VASF 2.80 Basic

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VASF 2 Basic series

Side channel blowers, single stage

Becker VARIAIR Speed Flow (VASF) series side channel blowers generate suction or pressure for a wide variety of industrial applications. These compact vacuum pumps and compressors with variable frequency up to 300 Hz offer high performance in a quiet, contact-free environment. 100% free of oil and contact during operation, these pumps are low-maintenance and highly efficient.


Each VASF 2 Basic series pump comes standard with:

  • VARIAIR frequency inverter (external)
  • Vibration isolators for horizontal installation

Product information / specifications

Volume flowPressure relativeInverter PowerHz
VASF 2.50/1-0.AC230 Basic48 m³/h+195 mbar0.4 kW50…300 Frequency
VASF 2.50/1-0.AC115 Basic48 m³/h+195 mbar0.41 kW50…300 Frequency
VASF 2.50/1-0.DC024 Basic48 m³/h+180 mbar0.4 kW50…300 Frequency
VASF 2.80/1-0.AC230 Basic90 m³/h+190 mbar0.65 kW50…250 Frequency
VASF 2.80/1-0.AC115 Basic90 m³/h+190 mbar0.64 kW50…250 Frequency
VASF 2.80/1-0.DC048 Basic90 m³/h+170 mbar0.7 kW50…250 Frequency
VASF 2.120/1-0.AC230 Basic143 m³/h+160 mbar0.85 kW50…200 Frequency
VASF 2.120/1-0.AC115 Basic143 m³/h+160 mbar0.83 kW50…200 Frequency


  • VARIAIR frequency inverter (external)
  • Non-contact compression
  • Compact design
  • Inlet & discharge silencers (some models)
  • Sealed bearings eliminate greasing
  • Vibration isolators for horizontal installation


  • Exact volume flow due to variable speed operation
  • Low operating and exhaust temperatures
  • Quiet Operation


    Printing and Paper Industry

    Whether you need an individual unit or a system, Becker's vacuum pumps, compressors for blast air, and combined pressure/vacuum pumps are made for the various processes used in the printing and paper industry - from the pre-press stage, to sheet fed and digital presses, to the post-press.


    Becker vacuum pumps and blowers follow the trend of new technologies and are an important, efficient component of stationary fuel cells, and battery production, amongst other benefits.

    Environmental Industry

    Vacuum pumps and compressors from Becker are the preferred solution for sparging, wastewater treatment, and aeration.

    General Mechanical Engineering

    Becker provides customised vacuum pump and compressor solutions for numerous mechanical engineering applications across the world, such as conveying, transporting, fixing, lifting, handling, drying, cooling and many more.


    Blowing & Injecting

    Compressors are used to build up pressure to supply air for the aeration of waste water, blast air for printing, wine presses, drainage system reliners, and other processes.