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Becker_VXLF 2.250

VXLF series

Rotary vane vacuum pumps, oil-free

Becker VXLF series vacuum pumps are medium vacuum, dry displacement pumps and are designed to operate on a continuous duty basis at any vacuum level to 100 mbar absolute. The VXLF series dry rotary vane pumps utilise self-lubricating, graphite composite vanes, specifically engineered to last 20,000 hours. The enhanced longevity of X series pumps also extends service life intervals, and can cut out the need for frequent service visits with costly pump failures now no longer an issue.


Each VXLF series pump comes standard with:

  • Built-in, large inlet filter with clear cover
  • Vacuum relief respectively safety valve
  • Discharge silencers
  • Vibration isolators

Product information / specifications

Volume flow 50/60HzVacuum absolute 50/60HzPower 50/60Hz
VXLF 2.200178/218 m³/h200/200 mbar4.0/4.8 kW
VXLF 2.250244/286 m³/h200/200 mbar5.5/6.6 kW
VXLF 2.250 SK247/295 m³/h100/100 mbar7.5/9.0 kW
VXLF 2.400390/460 m³/h200/200 mbar7.5/9.0 kW
VXLF 2.500495/570 m³/h250/250 mbar11.0/13.2 kW