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Our customers are the yardstick for the QUALITY of our products and services. This is why we commit to continuous development of our products and processes – to meet individual customer requirements and ensure our customers are satisfied.

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For BECKER, the ENVIRONMENT AND ENERGY are two key cornerstones. We consider sustainable use of resources across the entire product lifecycle and accordingly endorse obtainment of energy-efficient products designed to improve energy-related performance.

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We commit to the HEALTH AND SAFETY of our customers and our workforce. Accident-free handling of our products, safe conduct of our personnel in the work environment and responsible handling of data are key elements of BECKER’s mission.

Quality is not a

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QUALIFIED SUPPLIERS supply raw materials and finished parts that significantly affect the quality of our final product. At BECKER, only qualified suppliers will meet our stringent benchmark. Our supplier assessment evaluates quality and allows us to take efficient action where necessary.

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The INTEGRATED PROCESS MANAGEMENT SYSTEM at BECKER ensures rapid communication and implementation specific changes. This enables us to react quickly to economic and social changes.



We therefore dedicate to our CUSTOMERS highest attention closely on these highly specific and individual requirements, offer our skills in consultation and ensure that the requirements are met to the fullest of our customers’ satisfaction. At BECKER, every customer is the centre of focus!



From Becker, for our customers

and suppliers and for us.

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Disposal of used Appliances

It is prohibited to dispose of electric appliances in the household waste. Do not discard your used appliance with the household waste.


Our appliances consist of valuable and recyclable raw materials, such as metals (Aluminium, Cast Iron, Steel) and plastic. Please inform yourself about the possibilities for return of your used appliance in your area and use the return system for disposal. By a professional and environment-friendly recycling of our appliances and their accessories, you make an active contribution to the reduction of CO2 emissions of such materials and you are protecting the environment.


In the disposal or used appliances please do keep in mind the rules and regulations applicable in your country. In case of queries, please contact us.

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